Due Thac Vietnam Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Due Thac Vietnam Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd operates in the field of direct distribution and retailing Measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, automation, industrial equipment .... Diverse product designs, original prices with flexible payment policies and thoughtful after-sales service. We believe that customers will be consulted, served all needs in the best way. Products are shipped and warranted nationwide.

Benefits when customers buy products at the company:

Diverse products: Customers can find any products they want in our website. Full range of measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, Automation, Hand tools .... With extremely rich warehouse in terms of design, size, competitive price provided by the manufacturer, we look forward to meeting all the needs of our customers.

Save time and cost: You will not have to spend the time shopping and shopping and still get the best products and services. Please pick up the phone for the technical consultant team of the Company to advise you on products that best suit your needs. You can buy goods any time of the day.

The most reasonable price: You can be assured with the price we offer, our price is the factory price of the manufacturer so customers will choose the product with the cheapest price.

Warranty: During use, if there are any problems or errors caused by users, customers can contact directly with their company's Warranty Center or Customer Care Department. me for help.

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Automatic CNC image measuring device
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Carton testing machine
Abrasion testing machine